Released June 18, 2010
Music and Lyrics by Genesis Fermin
Original string arrangements composed by Andy Studer.
Additional performances by Andy Studer (Violins),
Nicole Negrete (Viola), Benton Preciado (Cello)
Recorded in Red Oak Studio – Berkeley, California


  1. Discard Emotion
  2. Robert Wallace
  3. Metaphysics
  4. Grain of Sand
  5. Better Now
  6. Insomniac
  7. Metaphysics (Acoustic Version) [bonus track available only online]

Discard Emotion
Discard emotion
I’m moving on
Regret my sympathy
Our pain was from a long time ago
Forget it all right now
Forget it all right now

I tried to erase you off my mind
Off my mind
Off my mind
I tried to take you out of sight
I tried to replace you in my heart
Then I realized I can’t
I realize I cant do that to my first love

I turn insomniac
To rid of my pain
But I still feel conviction
With selfishness I drove you away

Robert Wallace
Twenty hours on the road
‘Cause you never answered the phone, oh no.
Important detailed message you must know
About the death of our beloved

He never feared going to heaven,
But he didn’t see that his fate was coming fast,
And he never said to his beloved that he loved her
Even though he never showed

So now that you know,
We must head back up north our home.
To plant in soil for his honor
Where it will bloom and it will grow
So he can find a resting place out in the forest
Where he had called it ‘little heaven’

It’s true I don’t believe
And you may disagree
About all these metaphysics
That god can make me free
I’ve jumped over the tracks
Where the preachers make a stack
Saying if I don’t accept his sacrifice
I’m damned for eternity

This religion makes me bleed with all negativity
There’s a lot of fear and pity
And more uncertainty
What if the one you claimed to be
Decides to turn around
And becomes the one who makes you
So distant from the crown
Or even makes you wandering
Away from the roots of the truthful tree

It really bothers me
That they can never see
That there’s a different side in this world
Just like my history
And it’s hurting me
That they’re considering
That I’m their newest disappointment
But please don’t intercede for me

Grain of Sand
In time you have given me this solid world
Where evenings without you I go restless
Too scared to reveal that summer was such a dream
Now I miss the nights that I spent with you
Sharing those deepest moments
No, I can’t replicate
The distance is far too great
Far too great

It’s been two weeks and I’m biting my tongue
And my heart aches without you around
I know someday you’ll walk through the beach
And each grain of sand will remind of you and me
While you’re replicating our thrills by the sea
Without me

Summer’s far gone and the fall claims it’s reign
The season’s past in hopes we haven’t
No, please don’t go away
Our friendship is far too great
Far too great

Better Now
Since you left me behind I don’t know what to do
I know you have the same feelings as I do
And I never had a scar this big before
What such a lie I have to live for

So long, goodbye I think I’m walking from you
I’m walking far away from you
You broke my heart in two
I’m crying out for you
I’m walking far away from you

Sat at my desk wasting my time on you
So I held out a pen, wrote a song because of you
And I thought it would be the end of my life
But I said no
I said, “I rather go cry and hide”

So long, goodbye I think I’m walking from you
I’m walking far away from you
You broke my heart in two
I’m crying out for you
I’m walking far away from you

So long, good bye
I’m walking away from you
So long, goodbye
This letter is written for you
For all my life I’ve never hated someone this much
So I wrote you this letter to show you I’m better now

It’s almost morning
But I still cant find sleep
I’ve been thinking about a few thing
On what to disagree
So I write these words on paper
A list of simple things
To sing, to speak

But there’s that haunting experience
I would not gladly take a peak
Because I remember a time I hit the ground
I realized I had taken a fall
For another person
Who’ll never thank me at all
Thank me at all

So what’s the point in trying
When all you’ll loose is sleep?
Man, I’d rather be drinking
Than counting my black sheep
This is I, insomniac
This is my experience
This is I, insomniac
Let me sleep

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