About Genesis

Armed with a guitar and an enigmatic, mournful voice, Genesis Fermin wades against the currents of today’s generation of singer-songwriters. She is all about well-crafted songs that reveal her ambitions, doubts and regrets. Her melodies reflect her soul and her words are snapshots of her life.

Genesis believes in the power of collaboration and has worked with many artists, bands and filmmakers. She is known for her contributions as a drummer for Love Revolution and their performance in Kollaboration SF’s event at UC Berkeley’s Zellerbach Hall in 2011. She also collaborated with UK rock band, The Travis Waltons, making a vocal appearance in the song Home wrecker from the debut album Your Neck is Bleeding (2011). Her current musical focus aside from her solo music is Oakland based funk band, Color TV. Genesis will be drumming for world-renowned songwriter and platinum recording artist David Pomeranz on August 2015.

With the benefits of social media, Genesis has a platform to share her original and cover songs through YouTube and SoundCloud. Many of her viewers and listeners have nothing but love and encouraging words toward the songs Genesis releases online. Genesis has received outstanding remarks from the original artists, like singer-songwriter Zee Avi and Undertow Music Collective, for her cover songs posted online.

Following her debut EP, Metaphysics EP (2010), Genesis is on her way to making a new record to be released in 2015.